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+ Mole screen ®️ specialises in skin cancer screening and treatment. The service is more affordable than its competitors, to improve access and frequency of skin checks. All Mole Screen skin checks are performed by Dr Michael Morrison – an accredited skin cancer doctor and General Practitioner. Dr Morrison has more than a decade of experience in diagnosing and managing skin cancers. He is a highly skilled expert in dermoscopy and uses the latest skin screening technology to detect changes in moles and other skin lesions, before they can otherwise be seen. Clinic nurse Bridget and our receptionist complete the Mole Screen team, who are based at St Albans Medical Centre in Christchurch, Canterbury.

Why use us?

Early detection is key to fast, effective skin cancer treatment. As a local and affordable skin check service, based within a GP clinic, Mole Screen makes it as easy as possible to have any issues with your skin identified as quickly as possible.

An audit of our clinic showed that the number of lesions tested to find one melanoma was 8:1. The percentage of lesions tested for non melanoma skin cancer, that were lab confirmed non melanoma skin cancer, was 75%. These statistics mean a skin check at Mole Screen is less likely to result in benign skin lesions being removed unnecessarily, and that cancerous lesions that do need to be removed are targeted, minimising extra cost, health scares and scars.

Using advanced dermoscopy and the latest skin screening technology at our skin check clinic, Dr Morrison is able to detect changes in moles and other lesions and see the signs of melanoma on your skin before they can be easily seen by the naked eye. If a cancerous or pre-cancerous mole or skin lesion is found, he is usually able to remove it immediately or do it at another appointment, within a short period of time. Anyone with a confirmed invasive melanoma or large lesion is referred to a plastic surgeon.

About Michael

Dr Michael Morrison (BSc MBChB (Otago) FRNZCGP DCH) is an accredited skin cancer doctor with the Skin Cancer College Australasia and has more than a decade of experience in the diagnosis and management of skin cancers. In addition to his qualifications as a General Practitioner, he has a certificate in Skin Cancer Surgery & Medicine and a post-graduate qualification in advanced dermoscopy (distinction). He has also undertaken surgical skills training at Burwood Hospital’s Plastic Surgery Unit and participates in ongoing professional development. Mole Screen conducts regular skin cancer surgery audits.

He says he finds his work at Mole Screen incredibly satisfying. “It gives people huge peace of mind to know that their skin has been thoroughly checked and that any issues are being treated or monitored. On the odd occasion, we find something that needs more extensive treatment but it is so important to detect more serious skin cancers as quickly as possible.”

“At the end of each screen, I always talk to patients about the benefits of sun protection and what they can do in their daily activities to be more sunsmart. I also offer advice about the frequency of future screening, which will vary depending on the person’s risk. I really enjoy getting to know my patients, so that I can help them to look after themselves for the long term.”

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The Mole Screen team

Dr Michael Morrison
Dr Michael Morrison
Clinic Nurse Bridget
Clinic Nurse Bridget

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