Yes, for Southern Cross Health members we offer Easy-Claim on-line invoicing.

Easy-Claim is a convenient way for Southern Cross members to claim for eligible healthcare services at the time of purchase, without completing a claim form. We send an on-line claim on your behalf at the end of your appointment with us, and Southern Cross notifies us immediately if it qualifies, and reimburses Mole Screen directly.

You’ll only pay any remaining contribution you’re responsible for to Mole Screen, that is not covered by your policy.

Depending on your individual insurance policy, modules and any excess, Southern Cross will generally cover:

Dermoscopy/ skin lesion consultations
Cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen freeze treatment) of a skin lesion
Mole or skin lesion removal
Diagnostic skin biopsy
Wound care

Mole Mapping (the Total Body Photography optional component) is often NOT covered by Southern Cross (best to check directly with Southern Cross prior to your appointment)